Excel Pain Consultants Testimonials


Paula Hill
October 29, 2021.
Helped my husband with his neck pain. He helped him more than any other doctor.
Bernadette Jones
October 29, 2021.
I have had back pain and radiating pain down my right leg and lumbar spine for years. I was seeing a Dr (no name)that had me coming in every two-three weeks because what he was doing and made sure it didn’t last! I then found Dr Arif and he and his staff are so sweet and kind. He talks to u while doing procedures like epidurals and trigger points. His epidurals last 2-3 months there have been things I haven’t been able to do for sometime and thanks to Dr Arif I can now do things! I recommend that if you truly need a great Dr then go see Dr Arif he is amazing and the staff is kind and sweet
John Bellan
October 26, 2021.
Dr. Arif is the best pain specialist I have ever seen. He actually cares about his patients and wants to see improvement. He has changed my life in regards to pain management and I will be forever grateful. He is a fan of needles 🤣 but in the end, I feel and move better than I have in a long time and henis responsible for that. Thank you Dr. Arif!!!!
David Price
October 12, 2021.
Dr. Arif and the staff were very welcoming and down to earth. I had 2 lower lumbar injections and the team did a great job at pin pointing the best locations for pain relief. I went from constant pain and being limited to a few minutes of standing to very minimal pain and normal activities. This has been a blessing and I highly recommend Jameson Pain Clinic.
Nadine Corsi
September 20, 2021.
This is one of the great staff and doctor Arif is amazing.and the office manager Jackie is the greatest person ever.
julie corsi
September 20, 2021.
The stuff is wonderful but most of all the Dr and Jackie are so amazing would never go anywhere else been coming for years.
Mike Hornick
March 26, 2021.
Such a friendly and prompt staff. Very professional
Ravyn Martinez
March 23, 2021.
So the office is stated to be wheelchair accessible. But when I went in with my wheelchair. I got stuck in the bathroom. It was too small... the office staff are very kind and caring. The dr himself does not listen to his patients at all. He reads their chart and forms an opinion based on the chart instead of what’s actually going on with the patient. I did not speak at all. He spent the whole 40 minutes reading through my chart picking out certain tests to read and certain not to. Then deciding based on my chart that I need MMJ... I don’t feel comfortable taking marijuana. But I will look into the option because it was what is proscribed for me. Overall I am not happy with my experience...
Amy Brandner
March 16, 2021.
Special shoutout to Mandie in the office, she's been so great helping me transfer over all my medical records from out of state and from a new orthopedic surgeon and keeping in touch with me via text (which I greatly prefer lol). Great office, friendly folks, I'm grateful to have found a place that really takes the time to help me out and really cares about what I need. Highly recommended!! Especially if you need your medical marijuana card!
9Dianne Henderson
February 18, 2021.
Wont help if you take Anxiety meds! It's not right I was abused and in a fire my back is broke I have severe scoliosis that needs surgery but I have a vitamin deficiency that keeps me from having surgery at this time...so I sit here day after crying in pain and no help from no one! I bet the ones that are satisfied are also receiving pain meds not offered shots that dont work and nuerotin,cymbalta which are not in any way been studied for the use of pain .Also I was not offered any ideas per treating my anxiety just that I would not be given any pain meds.I was seeing another pain management doctor whom had no issues with my anxiety med sadly he passed away last March.
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