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How Can I Find A Physician To Prescribe Suboxone ?

I am certified to prescribe Suboxone. My office is in New Castle, PA

Other physicians as well as myself are listed on these sites:

How Soon Can I Get In To See A Doctor For Suboxone ?

We have limited spots. Please call our office at 724.656.6086 to ask the availability. You will be given a short phone interview to qualify for our program. Once accepted into our program, staff will work with you to schedule your initial appointment.

Can Suboxone Be Called In For A Refill ?

Suboxone can be called in because it is A Schedule III medicine. However, patients need to see me at least once every 30 days for maintenance prescriptions of Suboxone.

What Pharmacies Stock Suboxone ?

Most pharmacies stock Suboxone now. However, some pharmacy may not stock it or have a limited supply.

If you or someone you love requires help from Suboxone, contact excel pain consultants at 724.304.4950