Excel Pain Consultants Patient Referral Information

Patient Referral Information

Patient Referral Information

Dear Physician,

Welcome to Advanced Pain Management and thank you for considering us in the treatment of your patients with chronic pain. We are a comprehensive pain management practice whose goal is to improve the function and quality of life of your chronic pain patients. We provide comprehensive diagnosis, judicious medication management, minimally invasive treatments and behavioral therapy for patients with chronic pain. We find the more education patients have about their diagnoses as well as focused treatment, the more success we have in managing their pain. It is also important to share our knowledge amongst the medical community. This is especially important for those physicians who have patients that may benefit from the treatments provided by us at Advanced Pain Management. We believe that having us work side by side if needed with other medical specialties including rheumatologist, neurologist, orthopedic spine, neurosurgeon or even physical therapists can be a much more efficient model for patient care for your patients.

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    Working With Our Practice

    Patients can be referred to us using a Referral form which is available on our website with pertinent information. Patients can also self register themselves and request appointments using the online Patient Portal. We will share information regarding your patient’s plan of care immediately after their initial appointment and periodically through their treatments through a letter or fax to your clinic.

    Evidence Based Treatments for Chronic Pain

    We are committed to provide the proven strategies and multimodal approaches in our treatments to your patients and follow the evidence based medicine to treat chronic pain. Below is a bibliography of selected articles that provide evidence to the beneficial treatments of chronic pain that we offer.